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5 Minute Guide to Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

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Guaranteed Issue Health Plans

guaranteed issue health insurance
Guaranteed Health Insurance Plans
Health, Life and Disability Insurance

We specialize in finding guaranteed issue health insurance for individuals and families. We can insure just about anybody regardless of their pre-existing conditions.

Because we specialize in guaranteed issue health insurance, we tend to get new plans all the time. Use this page as a general guide, but be sure to call us to see what new plans are scheduled to be released.

You might need a guaranteed issue health insurance plan because:

• You cannot medically qualify for health insurance
• The COBRA or Continuation HIPAA plans are too expensive
• Traditional health insurance plans will not cover your pre-existing conditions
• You are an employer looking for a cost-effective plan for employees

• You need maternity coverage

You must have health insurance plan because:

You cannot afford to get "cleaned out" in the event of a medical emergency
• Access to care is extremely limited and often substandard without coverage.

In spite of what you might think, if do not have health insurance, you will only be covered in a dire emergency. You will little or no say about the treatment and which physicians treat you. In the simplest terms, you become a great teaching case for an intern who was sitting in front of the tv playing video games a few years ago.

Plans for Employed and Unemployed Individuals

Choosing the right guaranteed issue health insurance plan can be a little confusing. That is why we wrote the 5 Minute Guide to Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance. Take the 5 minutes to read through it. It is a fast and easy way to become acquainted with our products.

In the meantime, this page will give you an overview of our plans.

Please feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to explain the plans. Our direct line is 800-272-0512

It Does Not Matter What Pre-Existing Condition You Have,
We Can Get You Medical Coverage

We do not sell discount cards. This is real insurance, underwritten by major U.S. insurance carriers and sold only by licensed agents.

You Can Click The Plan to Go to a Detailed Product Page or Brochure

Limited Benefit Health Insurance

The first type of plan we sell is called a Limited Benefit Health Insurance Plan. It is also known as a "mini medical" or "indemnity" plan.

These plans appear complicated but in truth, they are very simple and straightforward. The reason is that they pay out according to a fixed schedule of benefits.

I will not go through the entire list of benefits and features offered by this type of plan. But, it will help to give you an example.

Let us say that the plan specifies that it will pay out $100 per doctor visit for up to six visits per calendar year.

This means that if you are sick and go to the doctor, any doctor, for any illness, the plan will pay you or the doctor $100. The plan does not care if the physician charged you $50 or $250. The plan will pay out an exact amount per visit.

We also have plans that use a traditional office visit co-pay.

The same holds for hospital visits. The plan might pay $1,000 a day while you are hospitalized. Again, it does not matter what you are charged, which hospital or why you are there. The rate is fixed.

This mini-medical plan gives you everything a traditional health insurance plan does, but, on a reduced scale. For 95% of the clients we work with, they will never need more than the benefits provided. However, additional protection can be added.

We have two different plans depending on what state you live in and whether you need coverage for pre-existing conditions:s.

Our new plan with real doctor co-pays and a superior surgical schedule is available in Alabama,Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia. It will cover office visits for pre-existing conditions, but, the hospital coverage will cover pre-existing conditions after 12 months (new conditions are covered immediately).

This is one of best plans of this type we have seen. If you would like to see the brochure that fully describes it, click on this link: Guaranteed Issue Plan with Doctor Co-Pays. We will do all the enrollment for you over the phone. It only takes about 5 minutes.

Other Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plans

In addition to the aforementioned plans, we have:

1. Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance - no medical underwriting and online enrollment.

2. Dental Plans - You can view our dental plans here.

Final Word

Putting these plans together and deciding which plan is right for you is not always simple task. Even professional agents can find this challenging. Let us help. That is what we are here for. We have a way of explaining the benefits that will make your choices much clearer.

Call us at 800-272-0512 (9 AM to 9 PM EST)

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This plans have a pre-existing conditions limitation. Pre-existing conditions are not covered until the policy has been in effect for more than 12 months. A pre-existing condition is any condition you have now or had within a 12 month period prior to the effective date of coverage for each covered person. If you have had prior credible coverage, up to 12 months can be substituted and pre-existing conditions may be covered immediately