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5 Minute Guide to Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Maternity Insurance Information

guaranteed issue health insurance
Maternity Insurance Guide

Two-Minute Guide to Maternity Coverage

I think we should get a few things out of the way right now:

First of all, with very few exceptions, there are just about no private health insurance plans left with maternity riders.

However, we do have a health insurance plan with full maternity coverage. Call us for details (as long as you are not already pregnant).

Second, maternity riders have a waiting period. Presently, the plan we offer has a 6 month wait.

Third, if you have a regular health insurance plan, even if you do not have maternity, chances are it will cover complications to pregnancy (i.e. a c-section) as long as you did not have this complication before you took the plan.

What this means is that you are basically insuring for a normal delivery. The best option is to get back as much money as you can to help pay the expenses. I will show you how.

There Are Two Secrets You Must Learn

Secret #1 - Buy a supplement that will give you back more money than you pay for the premium of having it.

For example, we have a hospital cash plan that is generally less than $40. It will pay you $2,400 for a two day stay. Do the math. You must purchase it before you are prenant. If you have it for a total of 12 months and you pay about $500 in premiums and then get back $2,400, you are ahead by $1,900. This is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.

I have other supplements that pay as much as $2,000 a day plus surgical expenses. They cost more but might be worthwhile, especially if you think you will have a C-section.

Secret #2 - Never pay retail for maternity expenses.

That's right, you have some options regarding how much a pregnancy will cost you. You can approach this one of two ways.

You can call the hospital where you will deliver and ask them about a cash or pre-paid rate for maternity services. It will be much cheaper than just letting them bill you. Ask the doctor as well. A normal delivery might be $2,200 or even less.

"But my friend said it cost $20,000 to have a baby." That is the non-PPO, no-negotiated rate. Nobody pays that much.

Or, you can use an advocacy service to help you find the lowest prices for doctors, labs and delivery. We use Compass Professional Health Services. If you sign up online and use this code "UKM", they will give you 12 months of service for the price of 10 months. It will cost you about $90.

They will also check over your bill to make sure it is correct and find you a doctor as well. They can find the lowest costs for just about any medical service. They will pay for themselves many times over.

To enroll, click on this Medical Advocacy Service link. Remember to use the UKM code when registering to get the free months.

What if I am already pregnant?

If you are already pregnant and have had health insurance for the past 12 months, I can give you a limited benefit plan to help with the maternity expenses. Please call me and I will describe how it works. I cannot insure you if you are more than 2 months pregnant.

The Most Important Piece of Information I Can Share With You

I want to share something with you. It is very important. I don't care whether you have maternity coverage or not. But, before you get pregnant, you must have some type of health insurance. If there is a complication or, God forbid, there is a problem with the newborn, the expenses will take your breath away and clean you out.

Now What?

This part is simple - call me. In less than 5 minutes I can tell you which, if any plans you are eligible for and how much they will pay out for a pregnancy.

We are available:

9 am to 8 pm EST Mon Thursday
9 am to 6 pm on Friday

Our number is 800-272-0512

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