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Cancer Plans

guaranteed issue health insurance
Guaranteed Health Insurance Plans
Cancer Insurance

You can obtain up to $50,000 of cancer insurance and the only requirement is that you have not had cancer before.

There are about a million and a half new cases of cancer each year. I would be amazed if anyone reading this did not know someone who has or has had cancer.

If you are on a limited benefit plan, you should have this coverage. If it is a matter of cost, take a slightly cheaper plan. It is that important.

Even if you have a full major medical plan, there are things it does not paid for.

1. A lot of people are treated and cured with non FDA approved treatments. These are not covered by your insurance plan.

2. There are lost wages either directly or from someone taking care of you.

3. There are travel expenses, deductibles and other expenses associated with the treatment of cancer.

I will not go on and on about this. These plans are relatively inexpensive.

You can view a small flyer on the plan and then call me for more information and a fast quote. Click on Cancer Plan.

Call us at 800-272-0512 (9 AM to 9 PM EST)

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